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Film & Television

La Vita Eterna

An unlikely group of travelers converge along a food and wine tour of Italy, navigating the boundaries of love, forgiveness, understanding, and hope.

A League of Our Own

For women, sports have an inextricable link to our fight for equality, providing a background of comradery, strength, and hope. This documentary follows the emergence and importance of the International Women’s Flag Football Association.


Brunch Date

A quippy, warm, and fresh talk show with Spotlight’s own Kristen Carroll and writer of “Golden Girls” and “Gilmore Girls” fame Stan Zimmerman. It starts with a signature cocktail, treats us to delicious interviews with film and television’s brightest stars, and ends with brunch food, prepared by Kristen.

Candis Cayne's Secret Garden

Like Martha Stewart but fabulous! Trans icon Candis Cayne brings lifestyle to a whole new level in this not-your-grandmother’s-unless-your-grandmother-is-super-fabulous show.


Life is Yours

by Kristen Carroll

Based on Kristen Carroll's life experiences and personal philosophy, "Life is Yours" is all about being the CEO of your own life.


The Girls: From Gilmore to Golden

by Stan Zimmerman

The acclaimed writer of "Golden Girls" and "Gilmore Girls."

Storming the Gate

by Mel White

From ghostwriter for the top fundamentalists of the Religious Right to LGBTQ freedom fighter, this is the true story of Mel White’s journey. One that sparked a global nonviolence crusade, changing the course of history forever.

The Journal of Lowell Craig

by Chris Hotham



"Tell Me Again"

Original song for SpoPro's A League of Our Own.

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