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Everybody Dance Premiere!

SpoPro (Spotlight Productions) was thrilled to be a part of this incredible project, written and directed by our friend and collaborator, Dan Watt, of DancinDan Productions. This extremely touching film reveals the everyday lives of kids with different disabilities and how ballet has changed their lives. The film explores the lives of five kids and their incredible dance teacher as they prepare for an emotional end-of-year dance recital. EVERYBODY DANCE will have its television premiere tonight (March 15, 2023) on PBS, via LA affiliate KCET, and it will also be available on the PBS streaming app.

Director Dan Watt shared the following:

“EVERYBODY DANCE is a documentary that dives into the transformative world of art as it empowers and emboldens children with neurological differences and disabilities. We share in their struggles and triumphs as they, along with their families and dance teacher, discover the rhythm of inclusivity and acceptance. By dancing, the children shake off isolation and the narrative of not being good enough. The arts are a great equalizer, allowing every child to discover the freedom of true self-expression. An inspiring journey of self-discovery, dedication, achievement and yes, dance!”

We initially began working with Dan on a different project when the opportunity arose to also get involved with EVERYBODY DANCE. SpoPro Founder Kristen Carroll commented, “Our slate of projects was already beyond full when we learned of this production, but there was no way we were going to pass up the chance to help this great work reach the audience it deserves. Believing the arts can transform humanity is one of our core values at SpoPro, and to see the way these remarkable lives are changed and empowered through dance... well, that’s literally why we get up in the morning – to help bring hope back into the world, to elevate the voices we don’t always hear, and to leverage the miracle of the arts to reach a cross-section of individuals in a meaningful way. I’m so grateful to Dan for the opportunity and also for his compassion and vision in launching this great work.”

Dan Watt

About Dan Watt

After ten years working for major film studios, Dan Watt decided to focus on stories exploring the human experience, humanity, spirituality, and social issues. He is the producer & director of the documentary EVERYBODY DANCE currently on iTunes, AppleTV, Google Play and Amazon Prime. He was a producer on the award-winning film THE CENTER: Gibbons and Guardians featuring Jane Goodall. Dan was also the Associate Producer of the online doc-series WILD RIDE, following the Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling team across America and to China. He is currently in production on an “untitled” documentary with Tony and Pulitzer Prize wining producer Daryl Roth.

About SpoPro

SpoPro (Spotlight Productions) is a values-driven production vehicle that cultivates, curates, and creates film, television, literary, and musical masterpieces, with a specific focus on amplifying the voices and creations that have previously been muted.


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